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The contents of one’s bag say a lot about a person. It is also a reflection of the lifestyle they pursue during the warm and sexy season.

As every person is unique, so are the particular combinations of items they carry. With that in mind, I asked a few lovely people about the contents of their summer bags. Here is what I learned:

“I’m perpetually hungry so I always have snacks.”

- Em, 22

“Everything. Wallet, water, sunglasses if I need them, like five kinds of lipstick or Blistex lip hydration, a small pack of meds (like Pepto Bismol, Excedrin), sometimes snacks lol (granola bars) tampons, nail file, Kleenex and hand sanitizer. I think that's about everything. 🤔 I like to be prepared lol.”

- Lydia, 32

“I normally just have sunscreen if I need it, lip-balm and a water bottle.”

- Phoebe, 15

“Ok so I might end up as a statistical outlier because I’m autistic but sunscreen, two different deodorants, a comfort item (a stuffed turtle), my contacts/case and solution, glasses if I’m not wearing them, snacks, two pairs of earbuds, crystals, phone charger & battery pack, lotion, book, hand sanitizer, keys, tide pen, tissues, travel toothbrush toothpaste etc, pads, tabasco sauce packets, a bottle of cayenne, phone, pencils & pens, chapstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara.”

- Sage, 19

“So to start off is a standard pair of Apple earbuds for my phone. The second thing is deodorant because it’s summertime so I’m probably going to sweat a lot. The third thing is chapstick or lip gloss because I don’t like having dry lips. Fourth thing is lotion just in case I forgot to put on some at home. Fifth is nail glue because when I wear glue ons they tend to fall off sometimes. Sixth is my wallet. And the seventh is something to fidget with because I get overwhelmed/overstimulated sometimes.”

- K, (age not disclosed)

“I’d say SPF lip balm is a big one... As for anything else, I’d definitely add sunglasses (I have clip ons for my regular glasses). Not necessarily summer related, but there’s also earbuds, hand sanitizer, and a mini hairbrush.”

- Kate, 21

“For summer, I usually carry my phone and wallet (like usual) but also an extra water bottle and probably sunglasses since I live in the South and the heat is unbearable.”

- Melina, 18

“Keys, earphones, hand sanitizer, a mask, a book!! Advil, phone, chapstick, scrunchies, gum, at least three pairs of earrings lol”

- Sof, 23

“Phone, AirPods, small sunscreen, lipstick, powder, claw clip, and wallet.”

- Anonymous, 17

“Money, make up, keys, ID, phone, umbrella”

- Ana, 32

“Sunscreen, lip balm, AirPods, wallet, phone, keys, book, glasses and sunglasses, deodorant, perfume.”

- Anonymous, 20

“For me it's a basic to carry around sunscreen, lip balm, sunnies, a lil book/magazine or something to read, an anti-stress ball, some money, keys and the winning combo, phone + charger.”

- A, 23

“Usually in the summer, in my bag I keep my wallet, keys, chapstick (that has an SPF), a facial sunscreen, setting powder, hair ties, and a pair of sunglasses!! Also maybe like a little hand lotion or hand sanitizer or something lol.”

- Essie, 17

“What I typically have in my bag:

-spare masks

-hand sanitizer

-multi-purpose wipes


-mini pouch with hair ties and clips

-mini pouch with iPhone charger and old school ear plugs

-mini pouch with band aids, lip balm, breath mints, and AirPods

-vitamin case (D3, C, Turmeric, krill oil, Tylenol, and Claritin)

-work badge

-period pads and liners

-hydro flask

If I’m biking to work I also include deodorant and a mini hair brush.”

- Georgina, 23

What’s inside your summer bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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09 jul 2021

The lip balm thing is so universal!!!

Me gusta

Anais Love
Anais Love
08 jul 2021

Really fun article to read.

Me gusta

08 jul 2021

😍😍😍 i relate to these people so much!

Me gusta
08 jul 2021
Contestando a

I know right?!

Me gusta

08 jul 2021

Ah i love this so much!

Me gusta

08 jul 2021


Me gusta
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