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PAULINE TYLER is a brand for timeless glamour and confidence, for the woman who dares to choose her life.  Every jewelry piece  is handcrafted and custom -made just for you! 

A more classic and reserved woman. Someone who appreciates good style and is not overly concerned with trends. She has a mix of retro traditional and modern tastes. She knows what she wants and what she does not want. She knows she has the choice. She has a high appreciation for luxury and is sensible to the long lasting elegance as well as functionability of her adornment. A timeless collection of hand crafted  jewelry for the classically refined & timeless woman. 



Every Jewelry piece is handcrafted and custom-made for you!

... A few words from Pauline...

"Coming from a world of art and fashion, my passion is to design jewelry that is a statement and work of art. I create unique pieces because I strongly believe that jewelry should be as unique as the women who wear them. No style is complete without a fabulous statement piece.  My collections are made from one of a kind, beautiful jewelry designed with pearls, semiprecious and precious stones such as amethyst, precious and natural stones such as agate, amazonite, jadeite and chalcedony, to name just a few. Each collection is inspired by memories and experiences from all the exotic places I have lived around the world" - Pauline Tyler 


At PAULINE TYLER we are committed to bringing you timeless, classic, one-of-a-kind genuine jewelry designs handmade with only the best quality metals, gemstones, pearls and crystals. All collections include necklace, bracelets, rings and matching earrings in a range of colors & designs to suit your style. Each collection offers classic and timeless pieces with a modern twist, made to compliment today's fashion.


From initial sketches to finished pieces, Pauline Tyler is entirely and completely involved in the creative process. Its about celebrating

the beauty & quality of each piece with precious metals, gemstones & materials with her team of exceptional craftsmen & craftswomen.

To make our unique jewelry we used materials like gold, sterling silver, gold vermeil, gold fill, semi-precious gemstones, genuine Swarovski crystals, and pearls . Each piece of jewelry is designed and put together by hand. Most are 100% handmade and only a small percentage involves casting during the crafting process. 

Handmade jewelry is a much better option because each piece is handcrafted thus offering good quality and detailed finish. In addition, these jewels exude more elegance and uniqueness. If you are looking for quality handmade designer jewelry, you have come to the right place.

Our passion is to offer an array of  jewelry items, from simple to bold and sophisticated styles.... Creating unique pieces of art for everyone to love not matter what their style.

Our mission is to create pieces of couture jewelry merging tradition with style and modernity. The handmade jewelry collections include necklaces, bracelets, anklets earrings and cocktails rings.


Ultimately, timeless elegance and style is what Pauline Tyler is all about. So once you fall in love with PAULINE TYLER you'll want a piece from every collection. 




...About Pauline...

Elegantly fusing the Old with the New...
Simply Timeless, breathtakingly unique, wearable works of art...

World travelled, jewelry designer Pauline Tyler gets most of her influence from Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. Coming from a fashion background, she dived into the world of jewelry with grace and ease. Her jewelry line is a cross-cultural style mixed with passion for simplicity and fine art, speaking to the mind & heart of the wearer. When asked about the drive behind her creations, she simply replied: "I am fascinated by simple, bold and beautiful things."

In her own words: "Fashion is my first obsession... Jewelry -making began as an accidental passion but rapidly grew into a second obsession. I think my style is simplistic yet reflects the people, inspirations & essence of every city I have lived in. I am very much obsessed with timeless elegance and that is why I strive to fuse the "Old" with the "New" in the goal to achieve wearable works of art for every woman." - Pauline Tyler

Pauline draws upon the designs of the intricacies of African, European, Asian art through travel and extensive independent work to create breathtaking jewelry and fashion accessories. Although devoted to the development of her jewelry lines, her fashion line includes resort wear, exclusively designed handbags and iconic small leather goods.

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