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Be prepared, be practical, be comfortable, and be stylish for a travel day! Because why not have it all?

A diva is always set and primed for the adventures that await her. Vacay trips, particularly the ones involving airplanes, are at the very top of the list of things to be equipped for.

So to start off, here is a list of absolute essentials that every fashionista should remember to pack:

  • Underwear and Socks. Lots and lots of them. You can never have too much.

  • Chargers for your phone (s), laptop, and other devices.

    • Be sure to pack a power strip. The place you’re staying at may not necessarily have enough outlets to accompany your multiple devices.

    • Travel adapters are your best friend!

  • Zip locks to separate your products from your clothing and delicates to prevent potential messes.

  • A laundry bag (or a makeshift laundry bag) to separate dirty clothes from clean ones.

  • Be sure to pack a day or two day’s worth of outfits and toiletries (airport security friendly) in your carry-on. In the event of lost or damaged luggage, you want to be able to change into fresh clothes and clean up as you contemplate your next steps.

Speaking of clothing, let’s focus on what to wear on travel day itself!


You’ll be doing a lot of walking (hopefully at a moderate pace) and standing at the airport. The shoes you opt to wear will make a difference! As much as the idea of wearing five-inch heels around the airport gives off protagonist energy (and we’re all here for that in life), it also sounds uncomfortable. Repeat after us: It is alright to prioritize comfort!

Aim for comfortable shoes that are easy to slip off! Sneakers are perfect for any time of the year and go well with jeans, leggings, and any other kind of casual outfit. Loafers and ballet flats are compatible with looks rooted in the light academia and cottagecore aesthetic. Boat shoes are perfect for a classy summer look! If you are in desperate need of a boost in height, booties and platforms do exist. And they are easy to walk in!

We would strongly advise you to avoid incorporating metal-based accessories in your airport outfit(s). This would include any piece of jewelry, piercings, belts, and clothing with metallic threads. It could set off the metal detectors and throw off your diva equilibrium! The quicker you can get through security, the more time you’ll get to relax and collect yourself before your flight!

Planes have a tendency to get chilly quickly. Make sure that you bring a warm and cute top on board. Unless you are traveling from a country with cold weather or intending to make a specific fashion statement by wearing a puffer jacket in the middle of summer, you should either pack or wear cardigans, sweaters, sweaters, or hoodies for your flight!

Your tops should be paired off with equally comfy bottoms! Leggings and joggers are not only for trips to the couch and gym! They also provide the necessary coziness needed to endure a long flight. Jeans nearly match with any kind of top and shoe. Jumpsuits, rompers, boiler suits, overalls, and flowy dresses are also great and roomy options.

Ultimately, no matter what you choose to wear and pack, you should always feel that the airport is your runway and that the onlookers are your paparazzi (which are your best friends)!

What are your travel essentials? What do you usually wear to the airport?


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